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The Real Estate Market Has Changed.

Has Your Investment Strategy?

Inflation is hitting Canadians hard, and we feel a sense of urgency to teach others how to utilize real estate as a pathway out of the "rat race" of earning a wage in devaluing dollars.

We are teaching time tested value principles that will let you start and scale a portfolio in our current market.

When it comes to investing in real estate, the two hardest steps are:

1. Taking the steps and doing the behind the scenes work to confidently acquire your first door, and successfully operate.

2. Making the leap towards bringing on alternative debt and capital sources to scale beyond your own financing limits.

We've overcome both of those barriers ourselves, and have successfully formed a fund that is actively acquiring properties in multiple Canadian cities.

Whether you're just starting, or looking to scale, we think an educated investor should see 2024 as one of the most opportune years in Canadian real estate.

We look forward to sharing everything we've learned with you in our most interactive and effective format yet, so that you can follow our footsteps, copy our formula, and find true wealth through real estate investing!

Who This Is Suited For

Total Beginners

Those who have never invested in real estate.

Intermediate Investors

Those having trouble scaling past 1-5 properties.

Experienced Investors

Those looking for a Canada wide community and JV partners.

Real Estate Agents

Those looking to add real value and better serve their investor clients.

Accelerate Your Real Estate Investing Success Here

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, we have created a program that has options geared towards every level of real estate investor.

Step 1

Learn More.

If you're new here and want to learn more about what we have to offer, watch our free training video outlining how Realist. can help you! If you're ready to join the course and community, skip to step 2.

Step 2

Book A Free Consult.

Our consultation calls are focused on you and your real estate goals. We're not here to tell you about us, we're here to help you solve your real estate investing problems, and determine whether or not Realist. is the right path for you at this time.

Step 3

Join Realist.

Imagine diving head-first into purchasing your first investment property, or trying to scale your portfolio without any real education on real estate investing? That's what many people do, only to come up short, struggling with financial downfall, and realizing they're not prepared for what was to come. This is why we've created Realist.

Step 4

Get Educated.

Dive deep into our course content and resources to learn all of our tools, strategies, and recommendations for what your next steps should be so you can achieve your personal real estate investing goals. You can make it through our content in as little as 30 days!

Step 5

Get Connected.

Our Realist. community is active, engaging, and filled with like-minded people from across Canada. Whether you're looking to connect with someone in your area to chat investing, looking for local referrals, or you're looking for a JV partner - this is the place to find it. We've actively got members doing deals together and helping each other out! We also host weekly coaching calls as well as weekly coffee shop hours so you can jump on and ask us anything.

Step 6


Now that you're educated and connected, you'll be ready to confidently execute a deal when the right investment property comes up, and you'll have the support of Dan & Nick, and the community members cheering you on.

meet your instructors

Daniel Foch &

Nick Hill

The guys you know and love from The Canadian Real Estate Investor Podcast are ready to give you the tools towards financial freedom through real estate investing.

We are excited to help current and future real estate investors learn the ways to invest smarter, by breaking down all of the steps toward purchasing and running a successful investment operation.

We Believe In

  • Independent critical thinking

  • Downside risk management

  • Creating value

  • Solving real problems

We Don't Believe In

  • Action without understanding

  • Speculating on pre-construction units

  • Strategies that don't scale

  • Needing to buy your first unit ASAP


What Students Are Saying About

Realist. Investor 101

Realists real estate investment course, led by Dan and Nick, is truly exceptional. Their teaching approach simplifies complex concepts, accommodating investors at every level. The course not only imparts valuable knowledge but also fosters a strong sense of community and networking, making it an invaluable resource for anyone navigating the world of real estate investments

Jordon W.

Peace River, BC

Speaking as a complete newbie, they comprehensively walk you through the process even going as deep as showing you where your skills fit with others. And that’s the key point… unless you are blessed with starting capital, a community to walk through this journey with you makes the process infinitely easier. I encourage you to come join our community and become part of the solution to Canada’s housing crisis or supplement your income if you’re not motivated by benevolence.


Toronto, ON

I've been navigating the world of finance for years as a mortgage broker, but when it comes to professional real estate investing, I felt completely lost in the complexities. Dan and Nicks Realist Coaching Program transformed me and my understanding in real estate investing. They broke it down into simple actionable steps so that anyone can follow

Marlon F

Pickering, ON



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